Meet Sandy Brown Jensen, creative writing instructor, photographer and Digital Storyteller.

As a creative writing instructor, I work daily thinking of ways to encourage creativity.

I am on a journey to learn everything I can to be a digital storyteller.  I am gathering allies and helpers as I walk the perilous Road of Trials into the dark Belly of the Whale.  I fail and I succeed; I find the White Goddess only to lose her again in my search for the elixir of life in the magical bottle of digital storytelling.  I hope someday to become Mistress of Two Worlds, but as I plunge deeper and deeper into the jungle of multimedia, I need friends and companions to whistle with me on my way down the road.

Let me introduce myself here:


When I am asked questions such as, “What is your definition of creativity? Why is creativity important to you? How do you foster your own creativity?” I want to escape the confines of text and turn to the magical powers of the digital story. In this video, “The Current is Everything,” I answer those questions.

As a creative writing instructor, I work daily thinking of ways to encourage creativity in my students, but there is a larger world to reach, and I do that by telling stories, thinking out loud about the creative process in my digital stories. This video, “Water, Air, Earth, Fire” tells the story of how I personally learned about the creative process.

However, in post-internet days, I draw inspiration from the magic of an online cohort called DS106. In this digital story, I connect the virtual world with the real. It incidentally tells of how I met Cathleen Nardi and through her ended up HERE.

I added the Creative Inspiration Challenge for five days to two other daily challenges I follow. I have been doing them for so long that I probably work a whole lot faster than the average digital artist because, yes, I DO have a day job! I enjoy jumping sideways out of the box, if I can, so for example, with the word prompt “home,” I posted a short video of rough surf at the Devil’s Churn on the Oregon Coast because all of Oregon is my home and that is a place I particularly love.

It is perhaps worth adding that I have a photography website at Mind on, and I have an artist’s statement posted there that is still true for me:

In my photography, I attempt to make things look as if they were imbued with a dramatic underlying force.

I photograph to discover traces of the luminous fingerprints of the divine.

Photography takes me out of my head and into the world of light and shadow, form and composition.

I seek source imagery–those images that for me are emerging from some fresh spring of the world right now.

There is a relationship with memory, dream, and reflection to be explored, photographed, suggested, and known.


Image courtesy of Sandy Brown Jensen


Check out Sandy’s Digital Storytelling blog:   Mind on Fire.