Practice Creativity Challenge

We learn to be more creative by performing creative acts.


It’s time to get to practice.

Musicians, basketball players, and public speakers all practice their craft. Creativity is no different.  In order to understand and build that creative muscle, we must practice and learn the fundamentals. This challenge is for EVERYBODY, not just the “creative types.”

Each day during the challenge, you will receive an email containing a challenge that you can share on social media or explore on your own. These challenges are designed thematically and allow you to choose how you want to explore your creativity. We light the path and provide great resources and inspiration.

This is a synchronous class that shares on a private Google + community. You are also invited to share your creative artifacts on social media with the #practicecreativity hashtag. Build your creative confidence, take action on your learning & inspiration and if you’re a teacher, get graduate credit to boot!  (Graduate credit is now available from Colorado Mesa College and The University of Sioux Falls).

How it Works
  • opt in to receive an email each day for 21 days (21 days make a habit sticky)
  • each email contains a task that encourages a fresh way of thinking and facilitates creativity
  • Share your tasks to Twitter, Instagram, or Google+ each day in the spirit of sharing, cooperation and peer support. It’s really cool to see how different people interpret the challenge and it sparks new thinking. (But only if you want to)!
What You Can Expect
  • learn the fundamentals of creative practice
  • be energized through action
  • new peer connections from around the world,
  • an increased zone of creative confidence
  • fresh, creative and inspiring ideas,
  • technology tools tailored for your personal & professional development,
  • a supportive online community
  • One (1) Graduate Credit from Colorado MESA University or the  University of Sioux Falls (South Dakota)
Who This is For
  • anyone who wants to grow their creative muscles.
  • people who want to grow and learn-this is about practicing your own creativity and living it out yourself.
  • people who are ready to look at themselves and the world through fresh eyes.
  • those who are inspired to take action
  • those who want to inspire others by living a more creative life.
  • those who want to learn how they may foster creativity in their own children or students.
  • it takes 21 days to make a habit; strives to provide mindfully paced tasks that open new ways of behaving and thinking
  • an alternate, personal and proactive opportunity for personal and professional development,
  • friendly and encouraging support from the community and peers,
  • a reawakened sense of creative confidence and a platform for acting on your own creative powers,
  • a totally rad personal learning network,
  • access to an online community that you can continue to access after the 21 days,
  • experience with new tools and technologies; an expanded technical literacy,
  • a practice creativity pdf printable,
  • professional development credit available for teachers taking the challenge.

Practice Creativity Challenge

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empowerment fist “I cannot thank you enough for this class. It has truly opened my eyes in so many ways.” Tai


It has been a great experience. I have really enjoyed the chance to think and reflect and to share and learn from others. I would encourage anyone who has the chance to participate in something like this to do so. It really does give you a little daily nudge that maybe you can be doing something better than the status quo. We can all benefit from that. Kris

Instructional Designer

empowerment fist

“The Practice Creativity Challenge is the best place I’ve seen to start creating a culture supportive of innovation.” Matthew









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