Christine McCormick  works in the medical profession in Midland, Texas.  She impressed us with her endless creative energy and willingness to try new things during the #practicecreativity challenge in June and we knew she would make for another inspiring interview for the Creative Leaders Series.

Christine McCormick, Creative LeaderWhat is your current job title?  I am a registered nurse, and my current job title is Manager of Clinical Informatics.

How long have you been in this field?  I have been a nurse for 30 years and working in the clinical informatics field for 6 years.

Why is creativity important to you? Creativity has been a way to relax, to express myself and to meet others since I was a child.

How do you foster your own creativity? It depends. I am always interested in trying something new. I knit, I take and alter photographs, I play with watercolors…  I recently found that mixed media was “my thing” because I can truly mix anything I create, and make something brand new out of a mix of new and old items.

How does creativity affect your daily work/job? Creativity is my way to decompress and clear my mind of work once I get home so I feel more refreshed the next morning to get another productive work day started. Creativity is also part of my job because it allows me to have a different approach when I provide training, when I manage my team, or when I create educational material.

In what ways do you encourage creativity in others? I often give gifts that involve something creative to do, like a craft kit, yarn, play dough, building blocks… I like to have creative experiences with my kids especially by including recycled items or items found in nature. Perfection is not the goal, the creative process and satisfaction in the process is what it’s all about. At work, I encourage creativity in each team member by allowing each of them to find a way to make things easier, more fun, and to learn from failure and try again.

Blackout Poetry, #practicecreativity challenge

Blackout Poetry, #practicecreativity challenge

In what ways did the Practice Creativity Challenge affect your thinking? It opened my mind to new creative experiences, creative ideas, and the discovery of other participants’ experiences with the same activity. It allows you to reflect on other ways of expression and thinking, and most of all, it gives you permission to just let go and explore your own creative thoughts with little reservation.

What advice might you give to a friend or colleague who wants to be creative? If I am asked where to start, I would suggest thinking about what makes him/her happy and start experiencing new ways to be creative with that. But most of all, I would encourage the person to practice creativity on a regular basis. The Practice Creativity Challenge is a great place to start. It’s important to do it mostly for the personal feeling of satisfaction associated with the process, and not to achieve perfection, nor to compete with others.