Fueled by Imagination



Creativity is a way of thinking that allows you to see possibilities.

When we explore and invest in our own creativity we can create inspired and empowering environments. This is how we begin to cultivate and foster creativity in ourselves and for those around us.


When you are inspired, those around you are inspired. How do you take care of your own inspiration?

Professional development

Being your professional best self means bringing your heart into what you do. How do you bring in your heart?

Fostering Creativity

Developing the rational mind is critical; balancing it with the creative force that motivates life-long interest in learning is magic.

Growth Mindset

If you believe you have the capability to improve your most basic abilities, you have developed a powerful platform for growth.

  • Inspiration 4%
  • Perspiration 96%
  • A little bit Country 25%
  • A little bit Rock ‘n Roll 75%


We met in a MOOC (Massive Open Online Class) which is a pretty righteous place for lifelong learners to meet. That alone sort of says it all. We love to learn. We also believe in the power of creativity and the wealth of opportunity that comes with it.

Together we have created and facilitated a popular online course on creativity for thousands of teachers … twice. It was so popular we decided we needed to do more. The term ‘Creativist’ was born to describe the special kind of activism we share around improving how creativity is valued in education and communities worldwide. We invite you to join the circle.

Cathleen Nardi

Cathleen Nardi

I have been developing innovative professional development programs for teachers for the past 25 years. Igniting teacher’s passions about the endless possibilities of using technology to practice their craft is a driving force behind my work.  I am a facilitator, a catalyst, a digital creativist, and a life long learner. I believe that everyone is creative and should be encouraged to develop their own creativity because it connects you to the pulse of the universe.  Currently in my ‘third chapter’, my husband and I moved to Hawaii to care for his 98 year old mother. It took being in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to connect to my digital tribe. Together, we focus on bringing creativity back into education.

Melissa Goodwin

Melissa Goodwin

I work to spark creativity and innovation by helping others unlock their unique gifts and talents. I am an innovation designer and social entrepreneur with a background in chemistry and technology. I’m also a mom and a fan of the maker movement. My favorite learning memories are of making cameras out of oatmeal boxes, growing crystals, making worm cookies (the real deal) in a future foods unit, and blowing up rockets on the football field. As an author of a book and several articles on creativity, I believe education should be inspiring and engaging. As a Bush Foundation fellow I traveled the U.S. and Europe studying creativity and education models that work.

Maureen Maher

Maureen Maher

Born and raised in the Southern part of the USA, I am an aspiring polyglot, nature lover, and enthusiastic fiction reader. I’ve spent many years as a secondary language and literature teacher both at home and abroad and enjoy co-learning and co-creating alongside teachers and students. Being a lifelong and experiential learner, I continue to enjoy collaborating with teams to come up with solutions aimed at improving the world. My two curious children and my husband and I like to ask questions, make stuff, play games, and explore new places.  I strongly believe that creativity needs a supportive and diverse community in order to flourish.